Cargo Claim Solutions

Our team understands the nuances and relationships within the cargo claims process.

Clients and Partners

Here at Criterion we understand that immediate attention to your claim can mean the difference between the cargo being deemed a total loss, or the claim being mitigated significantly, especially when dealing with cargo that is perishable or time sensitive.


We understand that it is critical to identify the shipper, consignee/receiver, ownership of the load, and its value, and to apply the Carmack Amendment to each claim accordingly. We will obtain and review all the necessary shipping documents including Bills of Lading, Load Confirmations, Invoices, Freight Bills, and any other information necessary to appropriately handle your claim. We also have an extensive list of salvage buyers able to handle your salvage needs across the entire U.S.

Cargo Losses

We have handled all types of cargo losses, including general freight, flatbed operations, refrigerated and temperature controlled loads, LTL, household goods. In addition to various specialized risks such as pharmaceutical products, bank couriers, auto transport, and international shipments.

“My expectations regarding Criterion Claim Solutions of Omaha have been surpassed. I am impressed by their knowledge of our line of business, the quality of their staff, and the way they manage our claims effectively. Criterion has become one of our most trusted and valued partners.”

Scott McCrae, President

County Hall Insurance Company, Inc., a Risk Retention Group

“Criterion was appointed to manage our transportation liability claims. As an insurance carrier, our insureds’ experience during the claim handling process determines how they perceive our program; we are pleased with Criterion’s ability to treat our insureds as their own clients. Criterion’s customer service is excellent which reinforces our client and agency base loyalty towards our brand.”

Brenda Guffey, Former President

CTC Transportation Insurance Services

“Criterion handles claims for our two largest in-house RRGs and several other programs. They have been instrumental in communication with our underwriting and risk management departments to better develop and increase underwriting profit. Whenever setting up a program with insurance carriers, we insist on having Criterion as the TPA. They are a definite “value add” to our overall bottom line as well as a true business partner.”

Matt Simon, President

Spirit Commercial Auto RRG

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Whether you’re a national insurance carrier, a niche-oriented program, big or small, we are committed to develop a plan of action that is tailored to your business model and needs.